These are parts of the wedding day that I believe should be photographed; you can choose to add or take any of these away depending on how many hours you choose:

  • solo couple shots (guidelines described below)
  • ceremony
  • posed pictures with family and bridal party
  • reception/celebration (including first dance, etc.)

The following are what I believe to be optional (although they will definitely add to your album and the overall feel of your pictures):

  • getting ready in the dressing room before the ceremony (although I strongly encourage this one!)
  • cake cutting


During the couple shot time, I will wander off with the couple alone for a short period of time. I try to direct only a little bit ? mostly I provide only the guidelines and ideas for location. I strongly encourage you to come up with ideas of your own. No matter how silly the idea might seem, you should say it (or do it); even if the specific pose will not work, it may lead to one that will! Just do what you feel is right at the moment ? this doesn’t need to be preplanned. Here are some of the general guidelines that you should review before your wedding day for this time with me:


  • Make sure to drape and hold your hands in a relaxed way over your partner (if you have clenched hands or fists, that will translate into a feeling of stress.


  • Please feel free to lean in for a pre-kiss at any moment during the session
  • The most romantic part of this kiss (on a picture) is right before your lips touch, so instead of making contact, linger in that pre-kiss pose
  • Try not to tilt your head when you kiss, so that I can see both of your faces
  • Don’t pucker your lips – relax your face so that your mouth remains slightly open

The most important guideline is of course to relax and have fun whatever you do. After all, it is your wedding day.

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