Camping in the south

I wish I were one of those people who remembered places and names really well (or at least marginally well) but I’m just not.  So during my trip to the south earlier this summer with my friend Sophie, I cannot exactly tell you where this was (without maybe consulting her).  I want to say that it was in South Carolina… but I also kind of want to say Tennessee. I basically don’t know.  But here are a few pictures to ‘green’ up your day. ; )


In terms of photographing nature, I’m definitely no Ansel Adams.  I’m more into photographing people and I find photographing nature a challenge.  Nature doesn’t have facial expressions.  You can’t ask it to turn its face toward the light source.  It’s also not very clear where it begins and where it ends. Introduce a person into nature and boom!  Suddenly it all makes sense to me.Camping2014wSophie-039