I’m a stylist : ) Headshots for business and fun (Tel Aviv, Israel)

It evolved. At first I would email people just a few styling guidelines before the shoot. You know – wear dark colors, blow dry your hair, etc. Then it started changing. Perhaps the biggest contribution was from my friend Maria who started her own full service style agency, Stilista – Boston. Through chatting with her (and osmosis) I learned a little bit of styling and what makes your body look good, that’s it’s all about the fit, and other stuff. I’m not a big fashion girl myself, but I’ve started to actively participate in my clients’ wardrobe decisions, at least a LOT more than I did when I first started shooting. I will now jump in (or rather normally enter the client’s house through a regular doorway) and give advise from makeup to jewelry to clothing combinations, keeping in mind what looks good on them. And I have to say, I love it.
Headshots in Tel Aviv, Israel - Portraits & Family by RitaRosePhotography

The headshots were for Tamara, who asked me to do headshots for her organizing business. She has such a fun personality and a lot of spunk. Shooting her is so great because she is ready to laugh anytime (although at the same time, she is, of course, very organized)! And, although it’s a totally unrelated observation, her hair is gorgeous.
Photography makeup is a little bit like stage makeup. Just as makeup looks very mild to a viewer sitting in the audience, it will also look faint on the picture, so ladies should apply it on the heavy side. Also, I absolutely adore eyelashes – the bigger the better. There is no limit.
Headshots in Tel Aviv, Israel - Portraits & Family by RitaRosePhotography

I don’t claim to be the all-knowledgeable fashionista. But I do feel comfortable enough in advising my clients so that I can give them photos that they adore. And Tamara, thanks for stopping the traffic.

Next week I will be posting the equivalent shoot of the male species! Happy Sunday and share if you liked it!