Batmitzvah of lovely Juliette (Independence Hall and Hotel Brown, Tel Aviv, Israel)

Juliette was just an amazingly easy model, as you can see.  The Batmitzvah girl was also really sweet, smart and kind.


The benches on Rothschild Blvd. were perfect for the shoot, except that there was a very strong, unusual wind that way that made hair fly all over the place.

Quick portrait session in a cafe we invaded.  We only had about a minute before the table was taken over by Batmitzvah-photography-brown-hotel-telaviv-israel-06

Juliette was accompanied by an older sister and a younger brother, who both joined us for a small part of the shoot.  As per my usual style, I tried to make the shoot as natural looking as possible.

Juliette’s dad discusses the details of the ceremony with the facilitator at Independence Hall on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv – right next to where we had our little

Batmitzvah at Independence hall, Hotel Brown Tel Aviv Israel

Batmitzvah at Independence Hall and Hotel Brown, Tel Aviv


Batmitzvah-photography-brown-hotel-telaviv-israel-16 Juliette’s turn to speak.  Juliette decided to have her Batmitzvah in Israel during this tough time to show support.  The decision was all Batmitzvah-photography-brown-hotel-telaviv-israel-20

Later the party was taken to Hotel Brown, on Kalischer Street, a mere 10 minute was from Independence Hall on Rotchild.Batmitzvah-photography-brown-hotel-telaviv-israel-28

Selfie time.  I actually didn’t use any flash for most of the pictures outside because I really wanted to preserve the beautiful sky and city

The Batmitzvah girl having fun.Batmitzvah-photography-brown-hotel-telaviv-israel-34