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  • A very photogenic quinceanera

  • During my last trip to Miami I went to Vizcaya Gardens. There I stumbled upon 2-3 wedding photographers, whom I couldn't help but stalk just a little bit. I would "accidentally" end up within an eye and earshot away from them and greedily soak up w[...]
  • Please turn off the AC!!

  • And I mean outside. Obviously it was left on by accident. Is there a reason why we still have to wear out warmest coats, shuddering as we walk to the nearest subway? Shouldn't there be some sort of union for this type of thing? A protest group? [...]
Behind the frosted partition Behind the frosted partition
  • Behind the frosted partition

  • There is a lot to think about when you are photographing a wedding with over 150 guests, and trying to make sure both the groom's and bride's side gets an equal opportunity at being photographed, while keeping the bride and groom separate until the a[...]
  • A walk through Brooklyn

  • Yesterday was the most beautiful day ever and my camera and I decided to go for a walk.  Even though it was very bright outside I opened up my lense to a 1.4 f-stop because I wanted a clean, minimalistic look.  Here are some of the shots. [...]
Photographing one of my favorite toddlers Photographing one of my favorite toddlers
  • Modestly glamorous

  • I love shooting friends who have gotten tired of fighting me and my camera off, and have just accepted the reality that they will be photographed.  Actually these particular friends like being photographed.   I thought my friend came out stunnin[...]
  • The red slippers

  • I was over a friend's house where a grandma was residing (not mine).  When I saw the combination of the grandma, cat, slippers, and newspaper, I went a little wild with my Pentax film camera.  I wish there was a little more ambient light so that I di[...]
Dan's Bar Mitzvah Dan's Bar Mitzvah
  • Dan's Bar Mitzvah

  • Bar mitzvah (or Bar Mitsvah or even Bar-Mitsvah) happens when a boy is 13.  He reads a portion of the Torah for the week of his birthday, for which he prepares with a Rabbi for months beforehand.  There is usually a big party to follow.  That is wher[...]